Our implementation planning and control process provides the software tools, methodologies, and experience you need to manage your implementation, increase project success, and enhance software usage. Specifically, we offer:

A proven process you can trust—developed from the wisdom and best practices of more than 175 enterprise software projects.

Project planning and execution that enables your team to monitor performance measures that show your initial readiness for implementation and the health and momentum of your project

Control and structure that significantly mitigates risk of missing important deadlines and milestones

The initial result is that your enterprise systems are substantially implemented on the first effort, with minimal pain. More importantly, your firm quickly reaches the day in which impressive tangible (and long-term) strategic benefits may start accruing.

Finally, our process provides a framework and plan for continued system optimization.
Phase I – Planning
LP Software will meet with you to discuss your goals, evaluate requirements, and formulate a project plan. The planning phase is an important step that helps to ensure a successful completion of the project.

Phase II – Installation
LP Software will work with your IT department to install the software in your environment. Our experienced implementation team is available to answer any technical questions that your IT department may have.

Phase III – Configuration
All of our software packages are designed to be highly configurable which allows the software to be tailored to your specific environment. This allows you to setup our products to fit your needs without incurring custom programming expenses. Our implementation team will work closely with you to ensure that the system is configured properly.

Phase IV – Data Importing
Our expert technical staff can import old case data from legacy systems into the LPMS/ERMS database (Audit customers, ask about our ability to import old audit data!). Furthermore, we can import data from other retail system including your employee database, store master file, item master file, and KPI data from your sales/inventory tracking systems.

Phase V – Training
We offer a variety of different training options to teach your system administrators and end-users. LP Software can do 1-on-1 on-site training, group training sessions, telephone training, and web-based training.
** NOTE: Implementation services may vary depending upon service/support agreement.