SRMS – Service Request Management

2 years ago

Faster, More Cost-Efficient Repairs

Do service and repair requests get missed or take too long to resolve?

Have trouble tracking when service contracts are set to expire at a multiude of locations?

Enterprise-wide Service Tickets

SRMS (Service Request Management System) helps track service and repair requests throughout the organization. SRMS will allow personnel to submit tickets for service and repair requests at their location. These tickets will then be tracked and reported on during every step of its lifecycle. Further, SRMS will help manage related contract information—imagine having contracts available at your fingertips, along with other details such as classification, department, and expiration date.

Track Vendor Performance

SRMS can also be used to track vendor performance and related service costs. Examples of tickets that can be submitted within the application include broken equipment (CCTV cameras, elevators, EAS, computers, etc.) and application support (new user, password reset, system down, etc.). SRMS can also be expanded to handle IT requests or other service-related uses.

Email Alerting

With advanced SmartAlert integration, SRMS will bring a new level of accountability and efficiency to the organization.

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