CAMS – Compliance Audit Management System

1 year ago

LP Software provides simple software that is effective in tracking your compliance issues.
CAMS (Compliance Auditing Management System) allows you to easily create your own audits, questions, and scoring. You can create as many audits as required within your organization. Automatic e-mailing to store, district, and regional managers combined with built-in-reports allow you to get real-time and historical analysis of audit data.

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End Users

Users can easily conduct a self-audit, checklist, survey, etc. and/or respond to open action plan items. Take pictures, add attachments, etc.

Identify Operational Issues

A robust auditing program can be key in identifying issues in your business. CAMS provides a flexible foundation. With your data centralized in one system, audits can be accessed by a click. Quickly and easily identify issues and areas needing improvement. Work faster save money!

 Mobile Friendly

Work on any Device, Anytime, Anywhere!  Audit ‘on-the-go’ with our new Apple and Android apps. No need to lug around a heavy laptop or a cumbersome tablet. Our mobile apps are offline-friendly so they work great in the dark corners of the stockroom.

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