Electronic Controls

We take the protection of client data very seriously. We have implemented a robust set of electronic controls to encrypt data as it takes various forms.

Encryption ‘at-rest’

Our databases feature encrypted file systems to ensure that data is encrypted while being stored.  All application servers also feature encrypted file systems.

Encrypted backups

We have a well-defined backup strategy that includes the the encrypted storage of this data.

Encrypted ‘in-transit’

All data sent between our servers and the end-user’s web browser is encrypted with industry-standard TLS encryption.

Federated authentication

Full support for SAML2 identity providers.  Federated authentication centralizes authentication so that users don’t have to remember another password.  They login to netTrack using their existing internal network identity!  This also allows for their access to netTrack to be revoked centrally as the user’s access requirements change. Our SAML2 integration guide can be found here (password required).

Strong Password Control

Internally we use strong passwords on our systems, but we also provide you with the tools to implement strong password controls in the netTrack application.  You can easily implement rules for password expiration, complexity,  reuse, and lockout.



End-to-end Encryption