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Your company must know right now where your operational black holes exist so they can be resolved immediately.

LP Software provides simple software that is effective in tracking your compliance issues.
CAMS (Compliance Auditing Management System) allows you to easily create your own audits, questions, and scoring. You can create as many audits as required within your organization. Automatic e-mailing to store, district, and regional managers combined with built-in-reports allow you to get real-time and historical analysis of audit data. Auditors can use the CAMS client on their laptops to perform audits and download the results. This eliminates the need to record scores on spreadsheets or on paper and having someone at corporate compile the results manually. CAMS-Mobile allows auditors to take an audit on mobile devices such as Blackberrys and iPhones. Store managers can use the simple web-based version of CAMS to take self audits, look at their store’s audit results and complete action plans. When implementing an Audit system in your company, you need something that is easy to use, yet has all of the powerful features that are important to your organization.

CAMS Audit is designed to reduce LP, Operations, Internal Audit and Risk Managers’ time and effort in finding, tracking, and responding to vital Information. CAMS Audit is a web-enabled, centralized Auditing solution that empowers management to control the work flow of reporting processes necessary to perform their jobs efficiently and with accountability. This powerful tool will immediately enable personnel to streamline, manage and track Audits and generate correspondence as they move through the system. Management will see Audits generated from store level with alerting for failed or poorly scored audits. CAMS Audit integrates to your HR system saving time and effort in keying team member and store information into the system. CAMS Audit offers audit status with “one-click” access and provides both summarized and detailed reports to track trends and justify department resources. It allows users to eliminate paper filing thereby reducing cost associated with research and deployment of caseloads.  Download Brochure


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