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LP Software’s On-Demand service allows you to add support for key business functions as your company expands. Because it’s on-demand, you experience the benefits of an integrated management solution without large upfront costs or having to build a large IT infrastructure.

Software’s On-Demand gives our clients the ability to grow and:

  • Focus on your business, not on IT: You don’t have to invest valuable resources in building and managing an expensive IT infrastructure
  • Improve efficiency: The solution integrates key processes, which increases operational efficiency across your organization
  • Increase visibility into your business: Embedded analytics and reporting functions provide in-depth and timely insights into all aspects of your business to help you respond to customer needs
  • Ensure agility: Allows your company to respond more quickly to change and improve your customer service to gain a competitive advantage

Added Benefits

  • Low upfront costs
  • Focus Budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure (Low Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Always use the latest version of the program. No more large I.T. upgrades
  • Data is safe, secure, and backed up regularly
  • No software to install! Access the system from any web browser

End Result

The end result is a solution that can be up and running in weeks, not months or years. The up front cost is quite minimal and allows organizations to implement a solution across the Enterprise in an efficient and timely manner.