September 17, 2014


“We have been enjoying LPMS Case Management for the past 8 years so adding LPMS Audit was an easy choice. Being able to have LPMS Case Management data to compare with Audit data is a great piece to have. The installation was smooth and the support we received from the LPMS team has been outstanding, even the smallest issues get the attention they need. With LPMS, we have the option to use the Windows version, the web version, and the mobile phone app gives us the flexibly to complete audits in any situation. GameStop needed a program that could handle many different levels of audit types and also grow with us and LPMS audit has been that for us.”

Matt Rowland

"The case management system provides a great framework for management of individual cases. The prior means of managing cases paled in comparison to the software provided by LP Software. Their customer service has always been timely, thorough and detail orientated. The intricate detail and custom options in the database illustrates the system's capacity and capabilities for any restaurant/retail environment. It's ease of usage, system platform and low maintenance software has been a great asset to the Loss Prevention Department."

Jennifer Schaefer
Caribou Coffee Company

"We have all our field teams in Store Operations, Loss Prevention, and HR using LPMS for conducting every store audit. The reports we run on these audits are detailed and very user friendly. We are also able to make changes to the audit at any time without affecting the reporting of prior audits. LP and HR also use Case Management for all our external and internal cases. The reporting and detail in Case is equally impressive. The support team at LPMS is extremely helpful and any questions or issues are answered and solved quickly. We have been a satisfied customer of LPMS for years and would highly recommend their product to anyone."

Kim Schmidt - CFI / Director of Field Loss Prevention
Finish Line

"The step by step process guide that LP Software provided us allowed for a seamless transition for both parties and provided us with the mile markers to meet throughout the process. Setting up the audits and installing the software was very efficient for those on the road traveling and for those in the corporate office. We have a LP Software hosted system and there were very minimal changes/updates needed on our system and laptops. It was a very straightforward process."

Andy Jones - CPA/ Manager
Operational Audit

"The Team at LP Software provide great support for their product! We initially were introduced to their case management software an NRF show several years ago and were impressed by its features. Over the course of the next two years, we worked with their team to develop a "tweeked" program that we recently installed. Our end users like the program and we've received many emails from them stating that it is an easy system to use. LP Software is a progressive, forward-looking Company who can provide an off the shelf product for businesses that's also adaptable to many different platforms with just minor changes."

Phil Chivers - Senior Projects Manager

“The LP Software team provides excellent customer service and support for their product. The case management software is easy to navigate with minimal training required. LPMS is a giant leap in paperless report writing. Instant case report viewing provides a quick and simple way of managing and tracking our cases. LPMS software is a great off-the-shelf product that was easy to install, configure and adapt to our needs.”

Randy Wood - Internal Investigations Manager
Neiman Marcus

"One of the nicest things about working with LP Software Inc. is that they have been able to help us streamline our procedures through the utilization of LPMS, which allows us to communicate more easily with companies like USMA and CRS. We've also been extremely pleased with the excellent customer service provided by LP Software Inc. They make each client feel like the most important client they have."

Tina Sellers - Director of Loss Prevention

"LPMS is a complete case management package that requires minimal training to operate and configure to your specific business needs. The most impressive aspect of the entire implementation process was the excellent customer service that has been provided to us by LP Software."

Ken Boremi - Regional LP Manager, Northeast Region

"After looking at the different incident and case management programs that were available, I decided on LP Software's Loss Prevention Management System for Finish Line. With incidents being tracked for 425 stores in a specialty retail environment, it is necessary to have a program that is user friendly, easy to modify to our needs, and well supported by the vendor. LP Software meets all these requirements and continues to impress me with their responsiveness to our changing needs."

Mike Smith - Vice President of Loss Prevention
Finish Line

"The installation and configuration process of LPMS is incredibly easy and the system is straight forward. Combine that with the superior customer service, and there is no doubt that you can implement LPMS very quickly."

Thomas Reed - Database Manager, Information systems

"Before implementing the LPMS program we were spending untold hours each month analyzing hundreds of case reports and sorting them by incidents to develop statistics and trends within markets and regions to proactively and cost effectively attack losses. Not to mention various assorted styles of case management reports written by each member of our team. With LPMS all of our in-house reports are identical and sorted automatically by whatever case type or loss data we want immediate access to see. This loss prevention management tool has increased productivity and created more professional reports not to mention being proactive to developing trends with market regions. Our team is very satisfied with the results and upper management has some great reports to review to cost justify capital expenses we propose based on real time statistics."

Michael S. Morrison, CPP
Party City

"The program has made case retrieval much easier and has simplified data transmission to USMA. The software has also enabled us to determine what stores are creating the most problems from an internal theft perspective. Being able to hand senior management a summary of cases in a particular store or region has been very helpful."

Preston Zeigler
Wherehouse Music

"When the decision was made to acquire a case management software, we reviewed various software and suppliers. We choose the LPMS system for the value of the product (features, ease of use and price) as well as the fact that the product was dedicated to the type of issues that we are facing on a daily basis in the retail industry. Aside from the fact that we had an almost immediate Return On Investment, I was positively surprised of the level of service provided by LP Software. In most cases we were able to obtain answers and solutions to our questions the same day. We also provided feedback to LP Software on additional features that would increase the efficiency of the software. LP Software responded enthusiastically and implemented the modifications in the new releases. It is a tremendous benefit to work with a supplier that actually listens to their customers."

Patrick Jandard, CPP
Director, Resource protection

Roots Canada Ltd.