November 27, 2014

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Company Overview

LP Software, Inc. began in 1998 as a venture partnership dedicated to developing and delivering unique software applications designed to revolutionize the retail loss prevention mission. The first product, Loss Prevention Management System (LPMS™ ), was released in 1999. LPMS™ resulted from the application of over 20 years of loss prevention and law enforcement experiences of the LP Software principals, the "LP Guys".

Often frustrated throughout their careers with the typically massive administrative workload essential to operate and manage a loss prevention program, the LP Guys came to realize there had to be a better and smarter way to work. One of the earliest realizations by the LP Guys was that the term "loss prevention" usually belies itself. This is because the loss prevention staff typically spends more time with the administrative workload resulting from a failing program, than with actually preventing the losses in the first place. Convinced they could make life a whole lot better in the loss prevention arena, the LP Guys went to work.

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What is the result of their efforts? Under the direction of the company’s founder and president, Brian Eskra, the LP Guys have developed LPMS™ — the industry’s most unique loss prevention management tool available. The LP Guys have succeeded! With LPMS™ , life is better in the retail loss prevention arena.